Nokia Camera beta released for all Lumia Windows Phone devices

nokia camera product

One of the benefits of having a PureView camera is you get access to the Nokia Camera app. This app puts all of Nokia’s great camera software in one easy to use application. If you don’t have a PureView camera you can’t enjoy this great app. Until now.

Today Nokia has released Camera beta for all Lumia Windows Phones. The only thing you need is the Amber or Black firmware updates, which most devices have by now. The app is in beta right now, but it essentially looks and works just like the app on PureView cameras. You can take precise control of how your photos look, or do some fun effects.

Camera beta is an extremely powerful photography app. If you have a Lumia phone that meets the requirements you should download this app right now. The regular Nokia Camera app can be found here. Camera beta can be downloaded below.

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