Disney’s “Nemo’s Reef” swims into the Windows Phone Store

nemo's reef

Disney is back again with another game from one of their hit movies. Nemo’s Reef, based on the movie Finding Nemo, has just arrived in the Windows Phone Store. This game stars the title character and all of his friends from the movie. The goal of the game is to help Nemo and his dad create a reef for class.

nemo's reed 1

Nemo’s Reef is a community building game. You build homes for Nemo’s friends with different combinations of plants and decorations. Every fish likes a different type of home. Discovering rare seeds will allow you to plant plants that attract rare and exotic fish. There are over 50 types of fish that you can collect. Nemo’s Reef is free for Windows Phone 8 devices. Play today, but don’t stray too far from your dad.

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