Microsoft will not name a CEO until early 2014

microsoft ceo steve ballmer goodbye speech sep 27 2013

Microsoft has been searching for a new CEO to replace legendary leader Steve Ballmer. Many names have been thrown in and out of the mix, but people are starting to get antsy. Despite wanting to name a CEO by the end of the year it looks like Microsoft will be waiting until next year. The company has just admitted that its search will be completed early 2014.

Microsoft board member John W. Thompson said that they have talked with several dozen candidates for the job. He says they have really focused on a group of 20 individuals.They have moved ahead through the process well, but he doesn’t expect to complete the search until “the early part of 2014.” Many people will see this as a failure, but we don’t.

Steve Ballmer is not dead. It’s not like they are running without a CEO right now. It would be nice to get the search over with and start moving forward, but this is a huge decision to make. There is nothing wrong with taking their time. Microsoft is not going to crumble because they can’t find a replacement soon enough.

[via The Verge]

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