Nokia Lumia 929 for Verizon could be called the “Lumia Icon”


One of the things that Microsoft talked about when purchasing Nokia’s handset business was their naming conventions. Steve Ballmer said he thought they could come up with some better phone names. We have also been critical of Nokia’s sometimes confusing naming conventions. The latest rumor suggests that could be changing with the Lumia 929.

@evleaks says the Lumia 929 could very well come to market as the “Lumia Icon” and ditch the numbers all together. It’s unclear whether this move is from Nokia or Verizon, but if we had to guess we would choose the latter.┬áThe other bit of news is regarding the release date. January 16th is the newest date to circle for this phone to arrive in stores.

The Lumia 929/Icon is basically a slightly smaller version of the Lumia 1520. It trades in the 6-inch display for a more reaosnable 5-incher. Everything else is practically identical: quad-core processor, 20MP camera, and 1080p display. Who is waiting for this iconic phone?

[via wpc]

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