Nokia has cancelled plans for the 8.3-inch ‘Illusionist’ tablet

small windows tab

Back in November rumors of the 8-inch Nokia “Illusionist” tablet popped up to everyone’s delight. Tablets in the 7-8-inch range are all the rage these days, and a Nokia one would be great. More recently we heard the tablet would have a 8.3-inch display and possibly called the Lumia 2020. Today MyNokiaBlog is reporting that Nokia has ditched plans for this tablet.

The real question is “why?” As we said above, the smaller tablets are extremely popular these days. Why would Nokia scrap their plans? We see two possibilities. 1) the Lumia 2520 isn’t selling very well and they want to wait and see how it does. 2) Microsoft has stepped in and taken over the plans. Whatever the reason may be we hope that we see a smaller Nokia device in the future.

  • bikdav

    It sounds as though Nokia is taking a similar route that Apple (and many Android tablet makers) did. They are selling only the bigger tablet to get their foot in the door. If this “market test” works out, a smaller size tablet will be offered.