“Move” is a brain-shifting puzzler for Windows Phone [Video]

Do you like puzzles? Are you always looking to challenge your brain? Move is the game for you. This beautiful game by¬†Nitako will put your brain to work in ways it never has before. Colored dots and boxes make the game seem simple, but don’t be fooled.

The thing that initially caught our eye about Move is how pretty the app looks. It has vibrant colors, smooth animations, and futuristic sound effects. Then we started actually playing the game and got immediately hooked. The premise is simple enough: get the colored dots to the matching color spaces. The trick is all the dots move at once, unless something is blocking their path.

Here is an example of finishing a level in three moves:


The moves are what make the game difficult. Anyone could solve the puzzles eventually with unlimited moves, but with this game there is a limit. Most of the levels have a 8 move limit and a different number for earning a perfect score. The level above, for example, required 3 moves to earn a perfect score. Get the idea?

The level above is from Stage 1 which consists of 100 levels that each use 3 dots of the same color. There are 12 stages in total, the most difficult consists of 5 different colored dots. The first 3 stages (300 levels) are completely free, and the rest can be unlocked for $4.99. If you finish the game you might be considered a genius. We really love Move, and if you’re into puzzles you will too. Good luck!

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