WhatsApp for Windows Phone gets a massive update with video messaging


Here it is, folks. The big WhatsApp update we’ve been waiting for. Recently the beta version of the app added the ability to send videos. Now the public version has received that feature along with several other additions. Version 2.11.340 finally brings the app up to speed with other platforms.

Sending videos only works with pre-recorded videos from the camera roll. You can’t record videos with the app. Other new features include the ability to send multiple images at once, save received videos, migrate an account to a new phone number, and the standard bug fixes.

Nokia has been working with WhatsApp to move along these new features. Thanks to that teamwork the WhatsApp team now has permission to do things like send videos. Other apps don’t have that permission. You can download the latest version of WhatsApp from the Store right now for free.

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  • dj

    does not work with Lumia 620 & 520 !

  • ML

    It works, click attach-> albums-> ‘select your video’.
    WhatsApp works faster now.

  • shiv

    Still no feature supporting attachment of audio files..??
    And this attachment of video feature..is it applicable to non pre-recorded video as well..??

  • MEL

    NO…It doesn’t, I have lumia 820 and when I do the same,click attach-> albums-> ‘select your video’….. the folder looks blank!!! ( I have videos in the videos folder) how come?? plz help.. I want to attach the existing videos.

  • MEL

    No :-( I tried but failed..