Microsoft puts Xbox Music in the Windows Phone Store

xbox music

Here’s something we didn’t see coming. Microsoft has put the Xbox Music app in the Windows Phone Store. This is the same app that comes built-in to every Windows Phone device. This version includes some new features that aren’t found in the stock app.

Microsoft is separating the Xbox Music app as part of its plan for Windows Phone 8.1 next year. Some of the new features include editable playlists and radio stations sync. In order to use the app you need an Xbox Music pass. Having the Xbox Music and Video apps in the Store allows Microsoft to update them more frequently.

If you have a Xbox Music pass and want these new features you can download the app for free below. The stock app will continue to work just fine too. Hopefully this is a sign of more things to come. We’d love to see stock apps getting more updates from the Store. *cough* People Hub *cough*.

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