Nokia “Lumia Black” update rolling out now for AT&T Lumia 1020


It’s update day for Lumia 1020 owners. AT&T and Nokia are pushing out the “Lumia Black” update to the Lumia 1020. This is Nokia’s special version of the Update 3 that Microsoft rolled out a few months ago. This update supports many new features that will make 1020 owners happy.

Nokia Glance screen is now much more useful with the ability to show notifications. Now you don’t even have to turn the screen on to see if you have any missed calls, messages, emails, etc. Other features include rotation lock, custom ringtones, Driving Mode, multitasking improvements, Bluetooth 4.0, and camera improvements. RAW camera support, especially, is a nice addition.

Lumia Black is available right now for AT&T Lumia 1020 devices. To check for the update go to Settings > Phone Update > Check for Updates. It should be there waiting for you. Happy updating!

[via Nokia]

  • Mohammed Alharbi

    As a lumia 920 owner I think my patience is being tested…
    It’s not enough that I had to see HTC owners enjoying their GDR3 first… I now have to watch other Lumia owners enjoy their Black update for a month or 2 at the very least.