Nokia Lumia 929/Icon for Verizon release date pushed back again


For those of you waiting for the Nokia Lumia 929/Icon we have some bad news. Last time we wrote about this Lumia destined for Verizon it was about the potential name change. @evleaks said the 929 could come to market as the Lumia Icon. Now we don’t even know what to call it. Along with that rumor came the January 16th release date, but now that is changing too.

The latest rumor says the Lumia 929/Icon release date has been pushed back to late January or early February. This is pretty typical Verizon behavior. For some reason they have a hard time releasing phones in a timely matter. The 929/Icon is essentially the same phone as the Lumia 1520, so we know Nokia is not the problem. Let’s get this phone released, Big Red!

[via PocketNow]

  • chuck sailors

    agreed. verizon get off your butt, this thing is getting behind and it isnt even out yet. the S5 and iphone6 will be out soon.

  • Chris_Kez

    The 929/Icon is not essentially the same phone as the 1520. At minimum it will use a new screen and a new body, which means reorganizing the internals. It may also have new software bits that will be revealed at MWC in February. Perhaps Verizon holds off until then to launch the phone (though that seems doubtful).

    This device looks awesome, and as an AT&T customer I can only hope we’ll see something very similar in the near future (perhaps in April as a new WP8.1 device?). MS really needs to have a flagship phone in 2014 that can work on both CDMA and GSM networks, just as Apple and Samsung have done with their flagship devices.

  • Theophilus Ferreira

    Also, they have two different screen sizes. The 929/Icon is 5Inches, the 1520 is 6inches….