Anchorman ‘Scotchy Scotch Toss’ arrives in style for Windows Phone

scotch toss

Ron Burgundy has officially arrived on Windows Phone. Paramount has just released a game for the new movie Anchorman 2. This game involves Ron’s favorite beverage: scotch, scotch, scotch (he loves scotch). It’s called “Scotchy Scotch Toss” and the goal is to toss ice cubes into glasses. I’ll let Ron explain.

“Hello friends, legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy here to describe the greatest app in the history of Western civilization, ‘Scotchy Scotch Toss.’ This mobile game, which I personally developed, combines my two favorite things: Scotch, and playful exchanges with total strangers. Simply toss ice cubes into my glass of Scotch and I’ll offer neighborly encouragement. Or, miss your shot, and I’ll flog you like a petulant mule. Either way you’re going to hear about it!”

You can download the game today for $0.99 on Windows Phone 8. Have fun, and stay classy.


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