Pandora for Windows Phone gets new logo and lockscreen support

pandora update

Pandora is one of the plethora of streaming music apps available for Windows Phone users. Today it has received a very nice update to bring it up to speed. Back in September Pandora rolled out a slightly revised logo and design to their webplayer. This latest update adds those new design elements as well as some cool new features.

Pandora can now be set as your lockscreen. When listening to Pandora you get track, artist, album, station name, and album art displayed on your lockscreen. When Pandora isn’t playing you just see the blue background. It’s a cool little feature, but we wish it could be set to control the lockscreen only when Pandora is playing. Pandora will also now recommend stations for you.

Download Pandora for free below. What service do you use for music streaming?

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