WeatherBug for Windows Phone gets a complete overhaul in version 3.0

weatherbug screens

Do you like weather apps? Well, you’re on the right platform. Windows Phone has some of the most beautiful weather apps you will find on a smartphone. Today WeatherBug has joined the ranks with a massive 3.0 update. The last time WeatherBug received an update was for Mango support, so you can imagine how big this update is.

The app has been completely rewritten and designed from the ground up. Unfortunately they have gone with a design that is more in line with the iOS and Android guidelines. There is a very Android-esque slide out menu drawer on the left side that helps you navigate the app. Very few Windows Phone apps use this type of navigation. It works, but it doesn’t feel native.

weather bug update

Other than the new design you are basically getting all the great features you’d expect from WeatherBug. Pin-point forecasts for 2.6 million locations, extended 10-day forecast, DTAs and severe weather alerts, Spark Alerts, interactive maps, and live weather cams. If you love know what’s going on with the weather at all times you can download WeatherBug for free below.

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