Here’s the first screenshot of a Windows Phone with virtual buttons

moneypenny screenshot

The time has finally come. After being rumored and leaked several times we finally have our first look at virtual buttons on a Windows Phone device. @evleaks has posted the above photo, which is apparently a screenshot from the Nokia Moneypenny.

The virtual buttons look identical to the physical buttons we’ve seen since Windows Phone 8. No real surprises here. In the screenshot we can also see that the Moneypenny will be a dual-SIM device, as indicated by the two cell bars and separate phone tiles. This device is expected to be the low-end Windows Phone 8.1 handset.

What do you think about the virtual buttons? It seems a lot of you don’t like them, but why? Let us know below!

  • Not a fan.

  • Of virtual buttons? Me neither..

  • I mean, it could be argued that adding this capability just makes the OS more flexible, but for now I think it’s unnecessary and really ugly.

  • JamesSB

    It does allow for thinner, smaller, devices with less hardware for the buttons.