Most Popular WinSource Videos of 2013

2013 videos

Over the last year we have put out a bunch of video content for the site. We’ve made videos for new apps, phone reviews, hacks, and much more. As 2013 winds down we look back at some of the most popular videos we made. It’s fun to look back at what people were excited about throughout the year. 2014 will bring even more great videos to WinSource. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to see them all!

10. Instance vs Instagraph: Windows Phone Instagram apps 

9. DYK: Unpin all apps to use app list as homescreen

8. Hands-on: Nokia Lumia 720 from MWC 2013

7. How to turn any Windows Phone into a Facebook phone

6. Eyesight Controlled Computer: Tobii Rex

5. The Best of Steve Ballmer

4. Hands-on with Camera360 for Windows Phone 8

3. Windows Phone 8 camera apps

2. SwapChat: the first SnapChat app for Windows Phone

1. A look at Windows Phone 8 lockscreen apps

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