Best apps for your new Windows Phone device


Since last Christmas there have been many, many, many new apps and games released for Windows Phone. If you just got a shiny new Windows Phone device for Christmas you are getting in at the best time. You are likely looking for some cool apps to download. Never fear, we have just the list for you. Check out these 10 apps for your new Windows Phone!


6snap screens

Do you use SnapChat? If yes, this app is a must-have. 6snap is the best SnapChat app you will find on any platform. Even your iPhone-toting friends will be jealous.


6tag 2

In case you were wondering, yes, Windows Phone does have an official Instagram app. The only problem is it’s not very good. Thankfully 6tag is much better than any Instagram app out there. It even has the newest Instagram Direct feature.


dualshot screens

One of our recent favorite apps is DualShot. This fun photo app replicates the features of an iOS app called Frontback. Basically it allows you to take a front and rear facing photo and combine them.

Facebook Beta

FB Beta update

One of the first apps you probably downloaded was Facebook, but did you know they have an even better version? Facebook Beta gets new features before the official app, but it’s hidden in the Store. Just click here to download it.

Halo: Spartan Assault


Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten games. Halo: Spartan Assault is the mobile game that Halo fans have been begging for. This action-packed game brings all the epicness from the Halo universe to your thumbs. The best part? Your Android and iOS friends can’t play it.



You’ve probably already realized there isn’t an official YouTube app. It’s a shame, but there are other options. One of the best is myTube, a gorgeous way to browse and watch videos of cats.

Nextgen Reader


Feedly RSS readers is one area that Windows Phone has plenty of apps. One of our favorites is the feature-rich Nextgen Reader. It does everything you need for Feedly and presents it in a beautifully Metro package.


phototag screens

If you like getting creative with your photos you have to try Phototag. This cool app allows you to add information on top of photos, such as weather, location, food, date+time, and much more. It’s the perfect companion to 6tag.



WeatherFlow has been pinned to my Start Screen for a long, long time. This weather app has the whole package. Beautiful design, awesome live tiles, lockscreen support, multiple locations, hourly and daily weather, and much more. It’s great.

Xbox SmartGlass


If you also have a Xbox you must download SmartGlass. This app allows you to control your Xbox 360 or One with your phone as a remote. Android and iOS can also use this app, but it’s best on a Windows Phone.

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