Did you get any new Windows gadgets this holiday season?


Christmas, and most of the other gift-giving holidays, are now behind us. That means it’s time to start using some of the new toys you received. So, we have one question for you: did you get any new Windows gadgets? Did anyone you know get any?

We’re curious to see how many people got new Windows Phones, tablets, or PCs this holiday season. This time of year is very important for companies like Microsoft. Was Windows a hot gift this season? Let us know below!

  • pirate78

    I may not have gotten a PC, phone or a tablet, but something that is just as exciting.

    ArcTouch Surface edition Bluetooth mouse. Fantastic piece of hardware. Comfortable, portable, and eye catching. Works perfectly with my Surface 2 ;).

    Also I had gotten the Actiontec SCREENBEAM PRO Wireless Display Receiver. I always wanted to be able to walk into my living room with my tablet and use my 55″ TV as a secondary screen without the clutter of HDMI cables. Tested it Christmas day by streaming The Hobbit (Xbox Movies) from Surface 2 to the TV. Worked flawlessly :).

  • hexagonzo

    gifted myself a 64gb lenovo miix 2 8″, and still wrapping my head around full windows 8.1 on an 8-inch form factor.