Over 50% of Windows Phone devices are considered “low-end”

windows phone devices graph

We have often talked about how important low-end devices are to a platform. The high-end flagship phones are great, but not everyone can afford the latest and greatest. Low-end phones make Windows Phone available to more people. The graph above shows just how important these low-end phones are to Windows Phone.

In the graph above we can see that the most popular Windows Phone device is the low-end Lumia 520. The popularity of this device has been known for a while, but the suprising part of this graph is the other phones. Over 50% of the Windows Phone devices being used in the world are low-end models. You could even make an argument that over 65% are low-end.

The only true high-end phones shown on the graph are the Lumia 920 and maybe the Lumia 820. Phones like the Lumia 1020, 1520, and 925 have such slim percentages that they are bunched together with devices like the HTC 8X in “Other.” Is this a bad thing? Should Microsoft be worried about low-end phones being so popular? Hopefully all these users graduate to high-end devices

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  • No I don’t think this is a bad thing and something Microsoft should be worried about. Production of Low end devices is one fast and positive way of getting your devices to the mass and as a matter of fact, according to Steven Sinofsky (former head of Microsoft Windows) 2014 tech predictions, with the inception of the Motorola G by Google, Low-cost but high quality devices will take over the smartphone market in 2014 and with this I doubt there will be something we call low end devices since all OEMs will be competing for this. So in my opinion, Low end devices are great and really push your market forward. I’m currently wielding a Nokia Lumia 920 and glad to see it second to the 520. The L520 is indeed a Windows Phone and Nokia brand market booster and I know how some of my colleagues and friends having it are proud. The negative side and the outburst of a public outcry…..brouhaha will be when a device such as the L520 does not receive a critical OS update like what happend to all WP7 devices. That’s when Microsoft will hear hell from a lot of people. For now it’s a good thing most of the updates are being received by all devices but who knows tomorrow.

    Now as a suggestion from your (Winsource) follower, how about one day covering a topic on our new devices and the adaptation of nano sims. I was on Amazon yesterday thinking of purchasing the Lumia 1520 (a device I really love) and just saw that it takes a nano sim which there’s no way of getting one in my country. So with this, sim adaptation can indeed prevent the mass receiving of newer great devices. Something should be done by Microsoft since most of the carriers outside the US are not ready to adapt a Nano sim. Thanks in advance :)