Rudy Huyn’s next project is Tinder for Windows Phone


The esteemed Windows Phone developer, Rudy Huyn, has conquered Vine, defeated Instagram, and beaten SnapChat. What is next for this power-house developer? Over the weekend he Tweeted a screenshot from his next project. If you look closely you can see “Tinder” in the location string.

tinder rudy

So, what is Tinder?

Tinder is a popular match-making app for Android and iOS. The key feature of Tinder is the anonymous communication between users. You can “like” or “nope” other user profiles, but they will only be notified if another user “likes” you back. When both people have “liked” each other they get access to a messaging system for communication. It’s a fun way to get rid of the age old question “I like him/her, but do they like me back?”

To help ward off harmful people you are required to have a Facebook account to use the app, and every new conversation with another member is started with the question “what are you looking for with this app?” There is no word on when Rudy will finish this app, but for Tinder users this is great news.

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