2013 WinSource Reader’s Choice Awards

WinSource Awards

What a year it has been for us here at WinSource! The Windows Phone ecosystem has seen many new phones, apps, games, and with it has come new readers. We thought it would be fitting to end the year with some awards chosen by you, the loyal reader. Earlier this month we posted a simple questionnaire to be answered by you. The turnout was great, and we have tallied all the results to see which apps, games, and phones won awards. Check it out!

popular phone

The first award goes out to the most popular Windows Phone device among our readers. This phone won in an absolute landslide with more than triple the amount of votes as the second place phone. The most popular phone among you, the readers, is the Nokia Lumia 920.

  1. Nokia Lumia 920
  2. HTC 8X
  3. Nokia Lumia 925
  4. Nokia Lumia 520
  5. Nokia Lumia 928

Honorable mention: Lumia 620, Lumia 1020, Lumia 720, Lumia 820.

Odd votes: Lumia 528(?), Blackberry Z10, HTC HD2, iPhone 5

popular app

Apps, apps, apps. Sometimes it feels like all we ever talk about is new apps and app updates. Windows Phone is a growing platform, and apps are very important. In 2013 we saw an influx in big name app releases. However, the app that most of you put as your most used app did not come out this year. Your winner is Baconit.

  1. Baconit
  2. Readit
  3. 6tag
  4. Twitter
  5. WhatsApp

Honorable mention: 6snap, Facebook, Nextgen Reader, Weave

popular game

Windows Phone might not have as many games as Android and iOS, but the games we do have are awesome. Plus, this is the best platform for earning Xbox Live achievements. It’s only fitting that the game you chose as your favorite is loaded with achievements: Halo Spartan Assault.

  1. Halo Spartan Assault
  2. Wordament
  3. Angry Birds
  4. Jetpack Joyride
  5. Rail Rush

Honorable mention: Angry Birds Go!, Flow Free, Alphajax, Hill Climb Racing.

wanted app

There are still many apps out there that are not available for Windows Phone users. Everybody seems to be asking for something different, but one answer was given more than anything else: “None.” It seems many of you have all the apps you want. The app that was wanted by the most of you is an official YouTube app.

  1. YouTube
  2. SnapChat
  3. Flipboard
  4. Better Facebook app
  5. Candy Crush Saga

Honorable mention: Dropbox, banking apps, Google apps, Path.

average user

The last question doesn’t have an award, but was just for our curiosity. We wanted to know how long you have been using a Windows Phone device. We added up all your responses, averaged them, and found out that the average WinSource reader has been using Windows Phone for 1 year and 3 months. We hope you all continue to use Windows Phone.

That’s a wrap! We want to thank everyone who voted in for these awards. It was fun to watch the results come in and see all the different things you like and want. Hopefully next year we can do this again with a few more categories. Are you surprised by any of these results? Do you agree with what other readers chose? Let us know below! Happy 2014!

  • HTC 8X is on second place! Awww yeah!

    Keep it up WinSource!

  • My phone got 3rd :( lol

  • That’s okay joe. Let’s admit that 8x is slicker than 925. Lol just kidding. You have an awesome phone.

  • Actually I had the 8X before the 925, so I can agree it is awesome!

  • Ohhhhh… I cant believe you dumped 8x for 925. Lol. If you were to ask me, I’d go for a lumia phone cause I like the fact that Nokia is developing apps for their wp8. Unlike HTc. If it weren’t for the slick design of 8x i would have dumped it also. But im planning to make the #switch. Soooon.

  • Oh I can’t believe you dumped 8x for 925. Lol. Well, I really liked lumia too. Cause i love the fact that nokia is developing apps for their devices. I really envy their apps. If it weren’t for 8x’s design i would have gone for 925 or 1020. Shame on you HTC for abandoning us!