6snap update supports new SnapChat big text on photos and videos

6snap screens

The official SnapChat app got an update recently that added the ability to put big text on snaps. As usual, 6snap is very close behind to bring the same feature to us Windows Phone users. The big text is exactly what it sounds like: just giant text instead of the usual small print with the black bar. The font can be centered or left-aligned.

What else is new?

  • support new snapchat video encoding
  • create videos with big fonts
  • use display name in snap list instead of username
  • crop feature compatible with 720p and 1080p devices
  • add reset password button if sign in fails
  • hide application bar when playing a snap
  • save flash mode settings

If you’re looking for a SnapChat app for Windows Phone this is the easy choice. 6snap has been getting better with every new update, and Rudy will continue to work on it. Download it for free from the Windows Phone Store.

  • Emma

    I can’t find additional services on settings help !