Thief steals a Windows Phone, decides he doesn’t want it


We can’t decide if this story is funny or just plain sad. Over the weekend a man named Kevin Cook and his friend were taking a stroll through Central Park in NYC. They were suddenly held up at gunpoint by a mugger who stole Kevin’s 2010 LG Quantum. Upon seeing the device the mugger decided he didn’t want the phone anymore and returned it to Kevin.

The interpretation of this story that many people are using is “Not Even a Thief Wants a Windows Phone,” but let’s be honest, that’s not true. What is this mugger going to do with the phone after he steals it? Sell it. How much money is he going to get for a 3-year-old phone? Not much. If Kevin had been carrying a Lumia 1020 or 1520 the story might be different.

The mugger is still at large in the NYC area, so if you are worried he might strike you next there is an easy solution: start carrying a crappy old phone!

[via CBS]

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