Did any of our predictions for 2013 come true?


Last year we made a bunch of predictions for 2013. Now that the year is completed we can look back and see if any of our predictions came true. Some were realistic, others were lofty, and some were just plain silly. Let’s take a look back at what we thought 2013 would bring and what it actually did bring.

1. Nokia Tablet

Lumia 2520

Bam! We’re starting things off correctly. Nokia waited to the very end of 2013 to release their first ever tablet, but they did it nonetheless. Ever since Nokia started getting close to Microsoft people have been waiting for a Windows tablet from them. It was only a matter of time. Will we see more in 2014?

2. Yahoo launches a Windows Phone

We’ll put this prediction in the “silly” category. Not only did we say Yahoo would make a Windows Phone, but we also said Yahoo and Bing would team up to take on Google with a new search engine called Bingoo. Yeah, that didn’t happen, but 2014 brings new hope!

3. Windows Phone Phablet


Bingo! Another spot-on prediction. Phablets became very popular in 2012 and that continued in 2013. Nokia was the first to create a true phablet Windows Phone device with the Lumia 1520. I predicted “It might not fit in your pocket, but it will fit in your heart.” Actually, it fits in both.

4. RIM goes Windows Phone

“Blackberry 10 will finally come out in 2013…and it will flop.” At least I got that part right. The partnership between Blackberry and Microsoft still makes a lot of sense today. They both care about business customers and Blackberry could really use saving. Will it happen in 2014?

5. Windows 9 removes old desktop completely

I might have been a little early on this prediction, but I still think it will happen. Microsoft actually made the desktop more prevalent with Windows 8.1, but I think it’s clear we won’t see it at all in the future. 2014 might still be too soon, but someday we will see a Windows without a desktop mode.

6. Steve Ballmer launches new line of deodorant


Hahahaha. I crack myself up. Okay, so Steve Ballmer didn’t launch a new line of deodorant, but he did do something pretty major in 2013. He retired! Once he is official done at Microsoft I think he will be looking for some new hobbies. Perhaps a new career in deodorant and antiperspirant?

7. Xbox gets the Windows Store

This prediction didn’t come true with the Xbox One, but it’s still in the works. Microsoft’s goal is for developers to be able to create apps that work on Windows and Xbox. In 2014 we will see Windows apps become available on the Xbox One.

8. Microsoft offers free tablets to schools

Microsoft didn’t offer free tablets to schools in 2013, but they did do a lot for education. They gave schools ad-free Bing Search and free cloud-based Office. Microsoft has always been good to schools and we expect that to continue in 2014.

9. Windows RT dies

dell venue 8 pro

Last but not least is my prediction for the death of Windows RT. It didn’t happen, but it’s very close. In 2013 we talked a lot about Microsoft merging Windows RT and Windows Phone. This still might be something for 2015, but in 2014 we will start to see Microsoft take steps to make this happen. It’s coming.

How did we do? Do you think any of the things that didn’t happen in 2013 will happen this year? What else do you think will happen in 2014? Let us know below!

  • Jeff Bennion

    Well, before joining Microsoft, Steve Ballmer was a Proctor and Gamble (Old Spice, Gillette, Secret, Sure) product manager, so he probably would know a lot about deodorant!