Nokia Normandy is not dead, appears again running Android


A couple of days ago @evleaks tweeted “the reports of Normandy’s death have been greatly exaggerated.” Like many, we were wondering what exactly that meant. The last time we wrote about Normandy we said Nokia had created the Android phone to sort of blackmail Microsoft into buying them. We also said it was highly unlikely we would see the phone again.

We were wrong.

The Normandy has once again shown up, but this time the screen is turned on and we can see a very non-Windows Phone OS. Indeed it is running a heavily skinned version of Android. The Normandy will reportedly run a “forked” version of Android that will not support Google Play services. Think of it like a Kindle Fire. The device is also reported to be very low-end and have dual-SIMs.

If this device ever does see the light of day it will be alongside Nokia’s Asha line. There is always the possibility that this photo is as old as the rumors and Nokia has indeed ditched their plans. We’ll keep a close eye on Normandy.

[via WPDang] Thanks Mark and Nik!

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