BeeWi BotPad for Windows Phone allows you to control mini fighting robots [Video]

windows phone robots

We’re here at CES and the coolest thing we’ve seen so far has nothing to do with “4K.” It’s actually a pair of remote-controlled mini fighting robots by BeeWi.¬†With the help of Bluetooth and an app for your phone you can control robots and fight with your friends. It’s loads of fun and we just had to check it out.

Like we mentioned above, the feisty little robots are controlled with Bluetooth and a companion remote control app. They have infrared “guns” inside their eyes that can be “shot” at other robots. You can also use a shield to block the shots. If your attack is successful the other person’s screen will flash. Moving the robots can be done with virtual joysticks or motion control.

The robots are powered by two AAA batteries and have a range of 33 feet. BeeWi did not have any information about when these fun toys will be available, but we can’t wait to try them out. The best part is they will have remote apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone (as seen in the video) so all your friends can play too.

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