The first official licensed Craigslist app for Windows Phone arrives


Craigslist has quickly become one of the most popular places to sell and buy things online. Craigslist differs from other marketplaces by putting a focus on buying stuff from local people IRL. Windows Phone does not have an official Craigslist app, but starting today we do have an officially licensed Craigslist app: 8list.

Basically Craigslist has signed off on this app, but other than that they didn’t have much else to do with it. So what does 8list do? Well, everything. You can manage favorite lists, track items you’ve seen, see what’s new, contact cards for getting in touch with a seller, live tiles for many different things, and much more. One of the handiest features is the ability to pin your favorites list and track all the items.

8list is available for free from the Windows Phone Store. There are other Craigslist apps out there that do many of the same things, but this one has been blessed by Craigslist themselves. Whether or not that matters will be up to you. Enjoy!

Thanks Cat!


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