Pandora has 3rd-party API removed, effectively kills all unofficial apps

pandora dcma

Back in the day we had to rely on apps like Radio Controlled and MetroRadio to listen to Pandora. We’ve had an official Pandora app for a little over 9 months now, but those 3rd-party apps are still available and being used by some people. Unfortunately, it looks like Pandora is once again trying to shut them down.

Pandora has sent a DMCA Notice to the owners of Metro Pandora, the SDK that 3rd-party Pandora apps rely on. The notice mentions unauthorized use of their trademarks and API. If you followed Windows Phone news before the official Pandora app was released you know that they have been trying to shut down these apps for a while. Basically this makes all of the Pandora apps that rely on this SDK broken. At least now we have an official app to use.

Were any of you still using 3rd-party Pandora apps? Why?

[via Justin Angel]

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