Toshiba announces the first 4K Windows 8 laptop for a mere $6,000


The buzzword at CES this year is “4K.” What it means is anything with horizontal resolution around 4 thousand pixels. In the case of the new Toshiba Satellite P50t and W50 that number is 3840(x2160). That resolution is for a 15.6-inch display with and without touchscreen. The price for all these pixels? $6,000. Suddenly the Mac Pro looks affordable.

Other specs for this mammoth pixel pusher include NVIDIA’s Quadro K2100M GPU, 2GB of dedicated memory, an unnamed Intel Core processor, and an attractive black or silver body. If you are interested in pixels this is the laptop for you. The big question is is this really necessary? Can you eye even tell the difference between 2K and 4K on a laptop display? For $6,000 we hope so.

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