Samsung’s new Android tablet UI looks a little familiar

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Samsung has announced many new products at CES so far, including a few Windows devices. Right now, however, I want to talk about their new Galaxy Android tablets. Every year Samsung likes to pump out a few new larger Android tablets with some gimmicky “productivity” features. This year they have completely revamped their Android tablet UI, and it looks familiar.

The similarities between what you see above (yes, that’s Android) and Windows 8 or Windows Phone is pretty obvious. Flat colors and icons, big photos, sharp corners and lines, and squares. This is interesting to us because Samsung does sell Windows devices, so they know how well they sell. Is there a deeper reason for the similarities? Are Samsung Windows tablets selling better than Android tablets?

We wouldn’t be surprised if that’s true. The most popular Android tablets are the smaller 7-8-inch devices, like the smash hit Nexus 7. People don’t want Android on a 10-inch or bigger device. Windows is what people use to do work, and Samsung is trying to make Android look more productive. You might ask “why not just make Windows tablets?” It’s probably a lot cheaper for Samsung to make Android devices.

What do you guys think? Coincidence or deliberate?

  • skaterjosh98

    “It’s probably a lot cheaper for Samsung to make Android devices”

    Sooner or later MS is going to have to reduce what they charge if they want to make real head way. Especially in mobile.

    As far as this UI its pretty obvious where they got their inspiration from. I even read a quote from the Samsung guy in charge who never denied where it came from. Live tiles (which are really widgets, thats why W8 is better) and the little reload option from the cards that Google uses. I will say that I wish the Modern UI for things like the Surface (which I have) didnt have so much empty space. In that respect I like what Samsung did.

  • g_puffo

    Maybe it’s also a decision taken in light of Samsung’s efforts of releasing their own OS?