Nokia Normandy leaks again, this time running Android apps

normandy android UI

The saga of the Nokia Normandy continues, and if this keeps up it may leave the range of things we cover (a.k.a. Android phones). Last time we saw the Normandy it was running a heavily skinned version of Android, like Amazon has done with the Kindle Fire. Today we can see it running Android apps.

In the three phones above we can see a lockscreen with notifications, a phone dialer app, and the Android Skype app. The UI looks to be a mash-up of Asha and Windows Phone elements. The lone physical back button remains and there are no software buttons present. We’re not sure how navigation will work.

Just like the last time we saw the Normandy we have to remember that these photos could be old. Microsoft owns Nokia’a hardware divisions now. If this phone ever gets released it will be because Microsoft gives it the “okay.” We doubt that will ever happen.

[via @evleaks]

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