Amazon Instant Video for Windows Phone is in the works


Amazon currently has a Windows Phone app for their online store and Kindle, but nothing for their Instant Video service. For those unfamiliar with the service it is similar to Netflix, but with fewer titles, and only for Prime subscribers. Currently the app is available only for iOS, but it could be coming to Windows Phone too.


This information comes from a chat log between an Amazon rep and a Windows Phone user. The user asks when Instant Video will be available for Windows Phone 8. The rep says they are working on it and it could be available soon. It should be noted that these online reps have been wrong many times in the past. Take this news with a grain of salt.

Do you use Amazon Instant Video?

[via Windows Mobile PU]

  • Anon

    This information is INCORRECT. Amazon Video does not require a prime subscription. Amazon Video sells and rents videos that are available on a variety of devices including ios, kindle fire, internet tvs, etc. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber you can watch a subset of the Amazon Video collection without paying additional fees.