Nokia App Folders are available now for Lumia phones

nokia app folders

Yesterday Nokia started rolling out the Lumia Black update with several new features. One of the features that they mentioned was App Folders. We weren’t sure if the feature would be baked in to Lumia Black or an app from the Store. Turns out App Folders can be downloaded from the Store, and you don’t even need Lumia Black.

Anyone with a Lumia phone running Amber or above can download App Folders from the Windows Phone Store now. The app works pretty much exactly how you would guess. First you name the folder, then you get a list of every app you have installed and you can select the ones to be in the folder. Lastly you pin the folder to the Start Screen and it can be launched quickly to see the selected apps.

This is obviously a feature that many people have wanted, and one that many developers have attempted to replicate. It’s always nice when Nokia comes in and fixes a problem for their users, but we really hope Microsoft bakes this into the OS soon. Download App Folders here from the Store.

  • kludey

    But 5 sec till the folder is open and I can choose a app that’s a bit much I think.