Leaked photos give us our best look at the Nokia Normandy

normandy android UI

The Nokia Normandy has been seen many times already in press renders and blurry photos. Today we have the best look at it yet. Two different photos have been tweeted by unrelated accounts, which leads us to believe there may be several of these devices floating around. Let’s take a look at these two photos one at a time.

In this photo we can see the Normandy has a rather clunky case. This is something that companies often use to disguise unreleased phones. Despite the case we can still see the familiar back button on the speaker placement is in the same spot as previous photos showed. Windows Phone users will also recognize the boot screen.

In this next photo of the Normandy we can see a little bit more of the OS. Clearly it is not running any version of Windows Phone we’ve seen. This is definitely a heavily skinned version of Android. The screen we can see appears to be some sort of app list. In the status bar we can see there are dual SIM cards working, as is common in low-end devices.

Speaking of low-end, the Normandy is very, very low. The Lumia 520 can sometimes be found on sale for as low as $50. You have to imagine Nokia will be shooting to go even lower than that with this device, which is why they are using Android. Still, with Microsoft now in charge and Windows Phone essentially being free for them to use we have to wonder why they would bother with Android. The story of the Normandy is very interesting.

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