Microsoft Windows 9 scheduled for release in April 2015


In 2013 we saw the release of Windows 8 and the first update for the new OS. In 2014 we will likely see more updates like Windows 8.1, but what about Windows 9? Paul Thurrott reports that Microsoft is currently planning to release Windows 9 in April of 2015. Windows 9 will be a major part of the “Threshold” update to unite the Windows ecosystem.

Thurrott also reports that Microsoft will use Windows 9 as a way to move away from the criticism that Windows 8 has received. “Metro 2.0” will include major updates to the app store and tiles, and could see the return of the Start Menu. Windows 9 could also include more functionality for modern apps in the classic desktop environment, such as becoming floating windows.

It’s clear that Microsoft has a lot of work to do. Windows 8, while great for many people, has been given a bad reputation by many others. It’s almost a Vista-esque situation where people are afraid to even try Windows 8 because of what they have heard. Hopefully Microsoft can change that with Windows 9, but we have a long time to wait.

  • Tashtan Tashtanov

    I’m worried that Microsoft is going to fall over the edge with its redundant UI. And once Nokia will removes its name from the Lumia line, its going to plummet. Completely. They should’ve paid more to Nokia and not let go. The only reason I bought a windows phone is because I like Nokia. Windows phone still lacks sharpness and functionality and flexibility. As soon as nokia releases an Android performance phone I’m switching to it.