Nokia Normandy spotted in several colors with a cool UI

Nokia Normandy 2014

By this time you should be sick of hearing about the Nokia Normandy. We’re right there with you, but this story continues to be interesting. The Nokia-made Android phone has been leaking a lot lately which is making us think it may become a reality. Today we have our clearest look yet at the device and Nokia’s heavily skinned Android UI.

Nokia’s UI looks like some weird version of Windows Phone. The app icons are displayed in square “tiles,” and the icons match some of Nokia’s Windows Phone apps. It also appears that the home screen scrolls vertically like the Windows Phone Start screen.¬†Looking away from the UI we can see the device itself comes in a wide range of colors. Green, yellow, cyan, white, and black are all present. If this phone does launch it will be extremely low-end.

What do you think of the Nokia Normandy?

[via @evleaksES]

  • skaterjosh98

    I have a theory. I think this may be some collaberation between Nokia and MS, incase WP never took off. Similar to what Amazon does with Android. Its Android but looks nothing like it. Its weird how there hasnt been any word from MS or Nokia on these “leaked” pictures. Since it looks so much like WP, but would probably have access to the Google Play Store. I’m probably wrong but who knows. The beauty of a WP UI and access to the Play Store? I would go for that.