FIFA 2013 leaves Nokia exclusivity just in time for 2014

fifa 13

This is the story of an app that was launched late as an exclusive app and then became available for everyone else even later. Getting apps late is something we’re used to, but when the app has “2013” in the title we expect it to be here in that year. We’re talking about FIFA 2013, which was released for Nokia phones halfway through 2013, and it now available for everyone else.

If you’re looking for an official FIFA game this is the best you’re going to get right now. The good news is that FIFA 14 was announced to be coming to Windows Phone back in October. Hopefully it won’t take so long for the 2014 version to be released. Soccer fans can pick up FIFA 13 right now for $4.99, and you don’t need a Lumia phone anymore.

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