First unofficial Tinder app for Windows Phone has arrived

tinder unauth

Rudy Huyn is not the only one working on a Tinder app for Windows Phone. Brian Hamachek has beaten Rudy to release with his open sourced unofficial Tinder app. The app is aptly named “Tinder Unauthorized.” The design of the app is almost identical to official iOS and Android apps. The features are also very similar to the official apps.

What can you do with “Tinder Unauthorized?”

  • See a stack of photos of people near you
  • Like or Pass on each photo
  • View friends/likes in common
  • If you both like each other, start messaging!
  • Same network as iPhone and Android

Yesterday Brian submitted the app to the Windows Phone Store, but if you have a developer unlocked phone you can download the app right now. Visit Brian’s website to find out how to download the app today. We will let you know when the app is in the Store, and when Rudy’s app is available.

Thanks Brian!

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