Samsung might be working on a 5-inch Windows Phone handset

ativ s neo review 5

Samsung hasn’t made a Windows Phone device in a while, but that could be changing. A recent model number “SM-W750V” appears to be a Windows Phone device. Today we have even more evidence to support that claim.

The Bluetooth SIG group, which approves all wireless devices, has listed SM-W750V as a Samsung device coming to North America. The other information comes from Samsung’s mobile website. If you dig into the code of the page you can find references to 1080×1920 display, LTE support, and the feature that gives it away as a Windows Phone device: Internet Explorer.


There is no direct reference to a 5-inch display, but we assume that the 1080p resolution would not be used on anything smaller. The last Samsung Windows Phone device to be released was the rather bland ATIV S Neo. Hopefully this new device has more imagination. Are you interested in a new high-end Samsung device?

[via Neowin]

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