Check out this awesome Xbox One Titanfall controller

Titanfall ControllerThe highly anticipated launch of Titanfall is just under two months away. Microsoft will be helping to make the launch special with a limited edition Xbox One controller inspired by the game. This awesome controller will go on sale March 11th, the same day as Titanfall, in limited quantities. for $64.99.

The controller is modeled after the┬áC-101 carbine, used by the elite IMC Titan pilots of the Frontier in the game. Titanfall is one of the most hyped next-gen games for 2014. In the game you can get inside giant mech-suits called “Titans.” That alone sounds like everyone’s dream come true, but there is much, much more to this game than giant robots.

From XboxOneDaily:

In Titanfall players will engage in combat on foot as free-running pilots or inside massive, agile mechs known as Titans. An online only first-person shooter, in the next-gen console arena, Titanfall will be exclusive to the Xbox One.

Though the game is multiplayer only, Respawn Entertainment states that Titanfall will still maintain single-player gameplay elements, such as plot, character development and non-player controlled opponents and allies within matches. Currently without a release date, Titanfall for a first quarter release in 2014.

Anyone planning to pick up this game for their Xbox One, 360, or PC? Will you be buying this badass controller too?

[via Xbox Wire]


  • McHale72

    By “awesome” you mean hideous, right?

  • No.

  • BellTower72

    I bought the controller, it looks awesome. It was really hard to come by, and I’m not gonna open it either. Its just sitting in it’s box by my TV looking beautiful.