6tindr (Tinder) is now available in the Windows Phone Store

6tinder screens

We’ve been following along closely with Rudy Huyn’s latest project, a 3rd-party Tinder app for Windows Phone. The project began just over two weeks ago and the app is already available in the Windows Phone Store. 6tindr is the first full featured Tinder app for Windows Phone to be publicly available. Let’s take a look!

6tindr is pretty much a straight-up remake of the official Tinder app for Android and iOS. Rudy has changed the logos and fonts in some areas, but overall it looks basically the same as the official apps. In fact, even Rudy’s app description is almost identical to what is found in the App Store and Google Play.

So, what is Tinder?

Tinder is a popular match-making app. The key feature of Tinder is the anonymous communication between users. You can “like” or “nope” other user profiles, but they will only be notified if another user “likes” you back. When both people have “liked” each other they get access to a messaging system for communication. It’s a fun way to get rid of the age-old question “I like him/her, but do they like me back?”

Download 6tindr for free from the Windows Phone Store if you’re looking for love!

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