Barclays Mobile banking app comes to Windows Phone


The long-awaited arrival of UK Barclays banking app is finally here. Barclays is a popular bank in the UK with headquarters in London. This app has been wanted for long time by UK Windows Phone users. Now that it’s here let’s take a look at what it can do.

With Barclays Mobile you can do things you would expect, such as manage your account, transfer money. make payments, and find the nearest branch or ATM. The design of the app is a nice Metro/iOS 7 mash-up that really pops. To use the app you need to be 16 or over with a registered UK mobile number and Barclays account. Full changelog and download link below.

  • Manage your Barclays personal and business and Barclaycard personal accounts, on the go
  • See all your recent transactions and check your latest balances
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Make payments to people you’ve paid before and people in your payee list
  • Find your nearest Barclays branch or cash machine
  • Log into Online Banking more easily using Mobile PINsentry
  • Manage your Barclays personal and business accounts together using 1 application and 1 secure log-in.

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