Is your Windows Phone randomly rebooting since installing Nokia App Folders?


Last week N0kia released App Folders, a simple app that allows you to group apps into a “folder” on the Start Screen. The app works well at performing a simple task, but it may be doing some not so good stuff in the background. Users have been reporting random reboots on their device since installing the app. We can also confirm this behavior on our devices.

We installed App Folders on a Lumia 925 and have since noticed the phone freezing up and turning completely off at random times. At first we had no idea what was causing this, but eventually the reports started pouring in across the web. Nokia App Folders is the one constant among people having this issue. The problem has also happend on the Lumia 1520 and 920. Are you having this problem too?

  • timmyjoe42

    The wife has had this problem on her Lumia 521 for at least 3 weeks. It doesn’t so much freeze as randomly reboot while she is trying to play a game, send a text, or browse the web.

  • justd80010

    Both wife and I have it on our Lumias and I neither of us has experienced a random reboot since installing the app. Matter of fact I’m pretty sure the phone hasn’t been rebooted at all, randomly or otherwise, since installing this app.

  • Prashant Vishwakarma

    I’ve seen the problem in my Lumia 520