Nokia’s Android UI looks like a weird version of Windows Phone

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The Nokia Normandy was once a very mysterious device, but now it has become one of the worst kept secrets. We’ve seen the hardware of Nokia’s Android phone numerous times and the software has been shown off too. Today we have an even better look at Nokia’s forked version of Android that looks similar to Windows Phone in an “uncanny valley” way.

These screenshots come from @evleaks with the caption “Two ways to interact with Normandy.” We assume this means users can choose if they want the home screen to look like the left or right screenshot. The one on the left is more like a traditional Windows Phone UI with big flat square icons. The one on the right is a combination of notifications and recent apps.

Microsoft is currently finalizing their acquisition of Nokia’s hardware division. Until that is complete this device is still at-large and could be released. Will Nokia go through with it? We’re not sure, but if they do it won’t be a phone that many people want. What do you think?

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