Only 52% of Windows Phone users use Bing Search, do you?


Every Windows Phone device comes with the same three buttons across the bottom: back, start, and search. That last button has been a pain point for some users. The search button on Windows Phone is tied to Bing Search. No matter where you are if you hit that button it will bring up Bing. Some Windows Phone users don’t like that, and it turns out they aren’t using it.

A survey conducted in Q4 of 2013 found that Bing is used by 52% of Windows Phone users. That number may seem high to you, but to us it seems low. Think about it. Doing a Bing search on a Windows Phone is dramatically easier than anything else. You just simple tap the search button from wherever. To do, say a Google search, you have to find the app or open the browser. We’re surprised to see almost half of users opting for the more difficult route.

What search engine do you use on your Windows Phone? Do you just use the default Bing search or something else? Let us know in the comments!

[via ubergizmo]

  • Ryan

    I use google search, not because it’s better, but because it doesn’t have to open a separate app and waste time.

  • joeinoklahoma

    what?? how do you use google search on wp8 without a separate app?

  • Ryan

    My Lumia 920 let’s me choose google as a default search provider.

  • Ahmad Samhan

    you mean with search button?

  • joeinoklahoma

    same as Bing, either way you click a button and open a tile/app

  • Ryan

    No, in internet explorer. I barely use the search button.

  • Ryan

    I mean in bing I have to press search, type, then click a link which opens internet explorer. Plus it leaves the search open in the background. Using google, I just open internet explorer, type and choose a link in the same app. (It’s just my preference. Saves me a few seconds.)

  • joeinoklahoma

    so you open the IE tile to access google in your phone, when you could simply open the Google tile. you actually add a step.

  • Ryan

    What? No, typing in the internet explorer address bar automatically searches on google.

  • Yeah, I use Bing on my phone and try to use it on my PC whenever possible too. Google is teh evil! Skynet evil. Big Brother evil. And though it has some drawbacks, Bing is getting better all the time.

  • (speaking of drawbacks…this is the first time I’ve commented on WinSource using my phone…and your app doesn’t allow me to comment…i have to open your site in my browser and log in to disqus to comment. What gives? I’m no techie, but shouldn’t we be able to comment directly from the app?)

  • Sowed

    I hate that button. I always hit it by mistake. Its the most useless button ever. I mean it could have been used for in app search at least. I use Google. L920

  • HoppITUp

    Bing only. scroogle search with their tricked up results blows. I use Bing on all of my desktops/lpaotps/tablets exclusively.

  • mariomenjr

    Bing, it’s easier (By the button) and it’s not a bad service. But Google is better.

  • stelios53