BBM for Windows Phone is not in development, says Blackberry


Back in October we asked if you care about BBM coming to Windows Phone. A surprising amount of you said you did care. Since then not much has been said about BBM coming to Windows Phone, until today. Blackberry’s senior director of BBM business development has confirmed that they are not working on a Windows Phone app.

“It is entirely market driven, our initial launch on iOS and Android was a function of the prevalence of those platforms. As other platforms emerge, whichever they may be, we will execute on those platforms as well. It is not a statement of intent, and it’s not a strategic or religious thing, it’s just a function of when does it make sense and when is it something that consumers demand in sufficient numbers to make it worth our while and worth their while.”

Yet another case of “get more market share and we’ll make an app for you.” This is the same response that many companies have given in regard to building Windows Phone apps. It seems that BBM is not coming any time soon. We ask once again, does anyone really care about BBM at this point?

  • Jjasonbsmith

    How do these company/app developers expect windows to get a greater market share if they don’t help… Not that bothered about bbm but think it would be nice to see app developers support windows.
    Love my nokia 1020, but would love a 1520 more…..