MOLOME finally comes to Windows Phone, is full of bugs


Windows Phone devices have become known for their great cameras, and with that has come a lot of awesome photography apps. The latest to arrive is the popular MOLOME photo service. Word of this app coming to Windows Phone started way back in 2012. It has been a long wait, but was it worth it?

First of all, what is MOLOME?

MOLOME is a photo sharing service similar in a lot of ways to Instagram. You can log in with an account or create a new one. After that there are a plethora of social networks that you can hook up to and find friends. The photo editor in MOLOME has 13 filters, brightness, zoom, borders, rotate, contrast, and stickers. The stickers and borders are really what set MOLOME apart. You can make some really fun photos. Now for the bad part.

The app is plagued by many bugs at launch. The app crashes often and sometimes doesn’t even load at all. The problem appears to be that they uploaded the wrong app to the Store. Oops. Hopefully they get the correct one uploaded soon before the bad reviews doom the app for good. Do you use MOLOME?

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