Path for Windows Phone gets a critical first update

Path for WP8

Last week Path for Windows Phone finally launched, but it was not without a few hiccups. One big problem was the inability to find your location, which made it impossible to check-in to places. Checking-in is an important feature of Path, so obviously this was a big problem. Luckily Path seems to be on top of their game and has already issued an update to fix the problem.

It’s always interesting to see how quickly a big name app gets updated after it finally arrives on Windows Phone. Some apps, like the official Instagram app, get released after much anticipation, but then rarely see any updates. This quick update is a good sign that Path is paying attention and dedicated to making the Windows Phone app just as good as their Android and iOS apps. You can download Path in the Windows Phone Store for free below.

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  • Derrick Reid

    It would be great if anyone from my circle of friends actually used it here in the UK. I’m currently sitting there all alone, checking in myself and randomly sending updates to amuse just me! My friends are philistines!