Tinder asks Rudy Huyn to remove 6tindr from Windows Phone Store

6tinder screens

Last week Rudy Huyn released his unofficial Tinder app for Windows Phone users. The app was received with much praise from users, but apparently Tinder did not appreciate Rudy’s work. On Friday they sent him a complaint and asked him to remove the app from the Windows Phone Store. Rudy. of course. has begrudgingly obeyed their request.

What now?

Rudy has written an open letter to the folks at Tinder about the Windows Phone situation. The open letter can be read here. In summation, Rudy respects their wishes, but wants to work with them. He wants to help them create a good experience for Windows Phone users. Rudy has tried this approach with companies in the past. At one time 6tag was said to be the only “Instagram approved Windows Phone app.” Will this strategy work for Rudy? We certainly hope so.

If you currently have the 6tindr app installed and want to continue using it do not uninstall. You won’t get any new updates but the app should continue to work. Hopefully Rudy can get something worked out with Tinder. He is currently in talks with the CEO

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