Bing Sports gets a super update just in time for The Big Game


Just in time for a plethora of sporting events, the Bing Sports app has received a very nice update. The Super Bowl is under two weeks away, then the Winter Olympics will kick off, and after that we have March Madness. Microsoft is getting prepared early by added some key features to Bing Sports.

One thing that left a lot to be desired in Bing Sports was the in-game details. Previously you would get redirected to a mobile version of Fox Sports’ website. With version you can get all the details from the game in the app while it happens.¬†Other new features include personalized news stories and live tiles, and the ability to follow tweets, stories, and athletes.

This update is a big step in helping Bing Sports compete with apps like ESPN Scorecenter. What apps do you use to follow your favorite sports and teams? Let us know in the comments below!

P.S. We can actually say “Super Bowl,” I just thought “Big Game” was funnier.¬†

[via WPDaily]

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