6tag adds new Tinder-esque “Like or Not?” feature to Instagram

6tag 3-2

6tag is already miles better than any other Instagram app for Windows Phone, but that hasn’t slowed down developer Rudy Huyn. You might wonder “what else could he do?” In the latest update Rudy has added a new “Like or Not?” feature to 6tag that brings some of the fun from Tinder to Instagram.

After you update to version 3.2 you will find a new “Like or Not?” option in the overflow menu. The “Like or Not?” feature is very simple. A random popular Instagram photo is displayed at the top of the screen with big (X) and (♥) buttons underneath. Simply choose whether you like the photo or not and a new one will be displayed. It’s a fun and fast way to discover new photos.

In the future Rudy hopes to do even more with this feature. He might add things like the ability to go through photos from friends of friends or only show photos that 6tag thinks you will like. It’s feature like this that make us choose 6tag over any other Instagram app. You simply can’t get this same dedication from official apps. Download 6tag below for free.

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